Repairing RV Water Intrusion

In the second episode of the 2023 season of “RV life isn’t all fun and games” we bring you a tale of water intrusion, possible mold growth, possible delamination and more. Read on to see how we tacked the latest leak in our 2022 Sabre 36BHQ.

RV tires

“China Bomb” RV Tires

RV manufacturers often install the cheapest tires they can find on new RV builds. We had heard the horror stories of blowouts happening to factory installed RV tires. In this post we upgrade our RV tires and narrowly avoid a blowout!

RV snow

Marooned in Missouri

When we told our friends and family that we were starting a travel blog we were sure that we were nearly ready to pull the gear up and hit the road full time. We underestimated how much life can happen while you are busy making other plans. Sometimes the days do not go the way we planned. Sometimes this continues for weeks at a time. Is this post we share some of the challenges of the last two months.

RV water leak

A Leak in our Boat

Buying an RV brand new does not guarantee the RV is in the condition that it should be. Our pre-delivery Inspection at Pete’s RV indicated everything was in working order, but strong rains would point to leaks in the boat!

RV Move Day Checklist

Living full time in an RV means that on move days you have to relocate your house. RVs are designed to be moved, but the entire process has many steps. There are a lot of tasks that need to be performed before the RV can be moved, and be moved safely.