It’s always something

It seems like there is always something in need of fixing on our RV.

Appearing in this episode of “What’s wrong with the RV today” is the black tank roof vent.

Is that supposed to be that way?

I discovered this while doing our T-24 move day inspection on the roof. When I first saw what had happened I began running through the worst-case scenarios for what could have caused the black tank vent pipe to suddenly have gotten about a half an inch taller.

Had we run over something that pushed the black tank up? No, that didn’t seem likely.

Had the roof of the RV suddenly fallen? This didn’t seem plausible either, especially since this vent pipe runs through a wall, which would (should?) support the roof at this point.

Crawling into the basement revealed that the pipe had always been in a bind in the basement, and in fact still is. The pipe was too long when it was installed, but was forced into place anyway. Apparently the 2000 miles from Missouri to Maine had been enough to shift it around enough to force it up and pop the vent cap off.

My solution was to trim the pipe down and reinstall the vent cap. All is well again … until the next T-24.

Don’t forget to Dicor the screw hole!

If we were reliant upon RV service centers for repairs, I am sure that we would positively hate this RV.

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