Meditation for a Cloud Free Eclipse

With the 2024 American eclipse just under one week away, weather forecasts across the path of totality are calling for cloudy skies. Like many of you we made special arrangements to be in totality during the eclipse only to find a forecast full of clouds for the area.

Since when can the weatherman predict the weather, let alone the future!

Emmet Brown

Since the future has not yet been determined, we thought it would be fun to start a campaign to change the weather.

We can’t change the weather you say? Then there should be no harm in doing the following!

What you can do


Each day spend a few minutes meditating. This meditation can be done any time of day, with sunrise and solar noon being ideal times.

Imagine that you are standing in an open area of your choosing. The location is not as important as the sky above where you find yourself. The weather is fair and you are comfortable. As you look at the sky you notice that there are no clouds. There are no rain clouds. There are no fluffy white clouds. There are no jet trails. There are no white wisps at high altitude. As far as you can see in any direction is clear blue sky.

Spend a few moments in this place. Look at the sky above with your minds eye and give thanks for the fantastic weather which has afforded you this clear view of the heavens. Feel the light breeze of the day move across your skin. Feel the Sun’s warmth on your face. The smell of spring growth saturates the air with scents of wildflowers and green grass.

Give thanks for the life giving energy that the Sun provides to all life on this planet. Be truly grateful for the opportunity to be in this place and see this perfectly clear sky.

Stay as long as you like. No clouds will appear. The weather will remain clear all day.

When you are ready return to your normal activities sure that the universe is already moving to provide clear skies for the eclipse.

Will you help?

Meditation and prayer have been shown to alter reality. It’s not supernatural; it’s esoteric science.

Now what do you say? Let’s see if we can magic up clear skies for the eclipse!

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