Solar Eclipse 2024 – An eclipse, and so much more

People in North America will experience a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. While everyone knows about the eclipse, what else will be happening in the sky at the moment of this eclipse? In this post we examine the upcoming eclipse from the standpoint of astrology through the lens of occultism.

Solar Eclipses

Solar eclipses don’t happen every day. They don’t even happen every year. In fact, from 1996 until 2012 there were no total, annular or partial eclipses visible from North America. But that has changed in the last few years.

Total Solar Eclipse 2024

If you have been anywhere around civilization in the last few months you have probably heard that there is a total solar eclipse in the near future. On April 8, 2024, parts of North America will gaze to the sky to see a total solar eclipse. The path of totality begins over Mexico, extends through Texas to the northeast, leaving the continent through Vermont, Maine and finally exit the North American viewing area over the Gulf of St Lawrence in Quebec.

2024 solar eclipse path of totality – Image courtesy

Eclipses are cool and all, but what makes this eclipse noteworthy? For starters, it is not the first solar eclipse in recent years.

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Prior to the world losing its collective mind with the COVID plandemic, there was another total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. This eclipse was entirely over the United States with the path of totality running from Oregon across southern Illinois and through South Carolina. The path of this eclipse crosses the path of the other eclipse in southern Illinois.

Total Solar Eclipses – 2017 and 2024

Types of Eclipses

NASA’s JPL tells us that there are three types of solar eclipses; partial, annular and total.

Solar Eclipse Types
Types of solar eclipses – Image courtesy Jack Parsons Laboratory aka NASA

In addition to the two total eclipses in 2017 and 2024, there have been two annular eclipses as well. You can see from the picture above that an annular eclipse is a nearly total eclipse, but the sun is not completely eclipsed.

Two annular eclipses have occurred over the United States; one in October 2023 that spanned from Texas back to Oregon, and one on June 10, 2021 over parts of Canada.

Total and Annular Eclipse Paths – Image courtesy

Other Eclipses

In the interest of full disclosure, eclipses do happen regularly all around the world.

Image courtesy or

So what’s the big deal?

To this point we have discussed the eclipse from a purely modern, purely physical perspective. But since we are the Metaphysical Family, we looked at a few other things that would be happening in the sky that day.

Devil’s Comet

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, also known as “The Devil’s Comet” will be passing near Earth on the day of the eclipse. Astronomers tell us that there is nothing to worry about the ten mile wide ball of rock and ice because the comet will be no closer than 1.5 AU (the distance from the Earth to the Sun) as it passes us on April 24, about two weeks after the eclipse.

12P/Pons-Brooks – “The Devil’s Comet”
Image credit: Jan Erik Vallestad

The comet orbits the Sun every 71.2 years. People familiar with the precession of The Great Year may find this number noteworthy.

Rapture, Indiana

People of the Christian faith sometimes refer to something called The Rapture. In short, those faithful to this tradition believe that “The Rapture” is part of the end of days and is the time when the faithful (living and dead) will be called to live with their god in the clouds. What does this have to do with the eclipse? Perhaps nothing, but there are Christians online who believe that this eclipse may be an event of Biblical proportions.

We recently learned of a town in Indiana named Rapture. As it happens, Rapture Indiana is the only place on planet Earth in 2024 with that name.

Image credit:

As it also happens, Rapture Indiana is also in the paths of both the 2017 total eclipse, and the 2024 total eclipse. Because of this, it seemed like a reasonable place to launch an investigation into the sky on the day of April 8, 2024 in Rapture, Indiana. Here is what we found.

Totality as a Natal Chart

Image credit:

For those who are not astrologers, watch the following video. We made this video using the wonderful (and free!) planetary software Stellarium available at

Council of the Old Gods

In case you missed it, there will be a several planetary conjunctions during the period of the eclipse.

From left to right: Uranus, Jupiter, 12P/Pons-Brooks (Devil’s Comet), Mercury, Sun and Moon (in total eclipse), Venus, Saturn and Mars.

This is the sky at the moment of the eclipse as seen from Rapture, Indiana, according to Stellarium. Ladies and gentlemen; the Council of the Old Gods. All of the original seven wanderers of the old world will be above the horizon and in a nearly straight line on the ecliptic as the eclipse reaches totality.

That’s not the slightest bit ominous, except that …

UPDATE! NASA rockets, Ra and Apep

Since this post was published we have become aware that NASA plans to send research rockets into the moon’s shadow during the eclipse. At first this seems like a totally reasonable thing to do. NASA researches a lot of things about space. But then we learned the name of the program …

NASA’s Atmospheric Perturbations around Eclipse Path (APEP) will launch three “sounding rockets” into space. One 45 minutes before totality, one during totality, and one 45 minutes after totality. The rockets are to collect information about the atmosphere during the eclipse to see what happens when the Sun’s light suddenly goes away.

In Egyptian mythology, the Sun is the material manifestation of Ra. Apep is Ra’s brother. Apep swallows the Sun each day at sunset, killing Ra. Ra fights in the underworld all night long until he defeats Apep. On victory, Ra rises again as the new day’s Sun. Should Ra fail to win against Apep, the Sun will not rise again.

NASA is most certainly knows their mythology. Apep? APEP!? Well that does nothing to calm this person’s spidey sense.

Back to the Sun

Solar Cycle

Our Sun has periodic cycles. These cycles last about 11 years. Our Sun was in the low part of its solar cycle when the eclipse of 2017 moved across North America. For the Solar Eclipse 2024 our Sun will be in the peak of its solar cycle. This is why we have been hearing more and more reports of large M class flares, and even X class flares.

We know that solar flares can bring chaos to Earth’s more modern inventions, and experts have been working on EMP shielding with varying levels of success for as long as we have had electronics. That’s great and all, but I wonder if the people who build such things have a proper understanding of that massive source of energy hanging in our sky. Carrington Event, anyone?

The Carrington event happened during a mediocre, ho-hum solar cycle… It came out of nowhere, so we just don’t know when something like that is going to happen again.

Paul Kintner, Cornell University

A 2012 Connection?

A man named Graham Hancock has an interesting theory. An insufficient summary: Most people misunderstand why the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. It is not a reference to that specific year, but rather, that the end of the calendar marks the period of time in which our Earth will be in great danger – one arc minute of The Great Year – ~72 years. The calendar ends, so the theory goes, to mark a time in which the Earth will be passing through a place in The Great Year in which life on Earth could be greatly impacted, if not destroyed entirely.

They knew this because they had knowledge from long ago about a similar event. This knowledge came from a civilization lost to history, but retained through the Mayan people. This event happened between 11,000 and 12,000 before present. Hancock and others postulate that the event involved a comet or other impact event over North America which caused the ice cap to melt in a very short time. This rapid melting caused the worldwide flood described in the myths and legends of most every ancient culture.

For a brief introduction, watch the following video. For a more, read Mr. Hancock’s books, and his website.

The Great Year in motion

Precession of the Equinoxes – The Great Year

Going back to our Sun for a moment, Doctor Robert Schock, PhD (Yale) and Geologist at Boston University has a very interesting theory about what caused the end to the last ice age. He takes a slightly different view from Mr. Hancock, and instead postulates that the end of the last ice age was most likely caused by an extreme Solar eruption. Mr. Schock goes into detail in his book, Forgotten Civilization – New Discoveries on the Solar-Induced Dark Age

Meanwhile, at the LHC

(Click here to view the video)

What’s being done with the LHC is most unsettling to those with occult and/or alchemical training in the same way that the atomic bomb is unsettling. Both come from the same black magick. Myth tells us over and over again of man and his attempts to become too much like the Gods, reaching too far into heaven, and the often very severe punishment for the offense.

What does it all mean!?

So what does all this mean? The answer will depend on how you view this universe that we call home for this place in time.

Time is the water, Charlie. Life is just the bridge that it flows under.

Howard Bowditch

There are traditions from a time not long ago that state that the planets are not lifeless balls of rock and gas, as the experts with the telescopes inform us. Instead these traditions hold that these planets are something else.

In ancient Greece – a civilization we still admire today – the wanderers, as they were called, are either the literal bodies of gods they’re named after, or at least the expression of those personalities into our solar system. Other traditions hold that they are the physical representation of eternal forces, the names of which change as human language changes. And yes, there are even traditions in which our Sun is a portal to other dimensions, other solar systems, or both. The ancient Egyptians, for example, held that one possible afterlife for a pharoh was to become a new star, reigning over an entire solar system.

Gurdjeff’s “The Forth Way” as explained by P. D. Ospensky in “In Search of the Miraculous” holds an interesting cosmology. Another insufficient summary: There is a universal creating logos – the “word of god” that created our universe. Not the Pauline Christian notion of “logos” put forth by those who interpret the first chapter of the New Testament epistle of John in a certain way. Closer to the Hindu mantra “OM”. That top level logos divides into rays and solidifies into various sub-logi, manifesting in the physical world as stars like our Sun. This sub-logos has an intelligence as well as a feedback loop from planet Earth. If this is true, the Sun is alive, and sentient, though not in the same way that the average walking dead man is.

Whether Earth is a place where we incarnate to experience and learn, a prison where we incarnate to mine alien gold, or just a big ball of rocks spinning through the cosmos carrying the accidental results of the greatest genetic accident ever imagined, there is a long history on this planet. This history tells of angry gods who live in places in the sky. The gods occasionally come down from the sky to teach us lessons, and they are sometimes very harsh lessons. When things get completely out of hand, the gods unleash a cataclysm and kill most of the people on Earth.

Sam has been of the personal opinion that “the Sun is angry with us” for the last several years, and it has increased much more since 2021. Our Sun seems brighter than it did seven years ago, and hotter than it did seven years ago. Sam can not confirm this with personally collected data of temperatures or UV indexes, but only anecdotal evidence. We would be very interested in the results of any such tabulation from (uncorrected!) weather data.

Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe there is nothing more to see than balls of matter moving in the sky. Maybe the Solar Eclipse 2024 even will be a non-event. And maybe seven is just another number.

Sam remembers a time in 1990 when a seismologist, Iben Browning, predicted that the New Madrid Fault line in Missouri had a 50/50 chance of erupting in a massive earthquake. It did not, but people were sent into a panic over the news. While it didn’t happen, it’s worth noting what experts believe would happen, should such an earthquake occur.

This event will take place over the intersection of the last two total eclipses, near a place called Rapture, right next door to an active seismic zone that is long overdue for a major shake-up, in a country that seems bent on destroying the memory of the old gods and religion in general. If the old “myths” are true, the sky over North America on April 8, 2024 is a stage set for something spectacular, awesome, terrifying and possibly cataclysmic.

It might be a good time to get right with your personal God, just in case.

At the end of the day you don’t know when a giant space rock is going to streak across the sky, land on your head and wipe out life on Earth. It has happened before, hasn’t it?


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