About Our Family

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We are Sam and Brittany. In 2021 we sold or gave away nearly all of our material possessions, purchased a fifth wheel RV, and began to travel across the country visiting metaphysical locations.

Adam, Sam, Hannah, & Brittany of the Metaphysical Family.

What Does Metaphysical Mean?

The dictionary tells us:

Metaphysical [me-tə-ˈfi-zi-kəl] – of or relating to the transcendent or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses.

The material sciences have their physics which are wonderful to tell us how the material world behaves. Metaphysics seeks to explain why it behaves in this way.

What Is A Metaphysical Destination?

A metaphysical destination is a location that has some special mystical or spiritual quality, characteristic or history. Serviceable examples could be an old church, a haunted hotel, one of the many Native American mound sites scattered around the United States, an occult bookstore, a cave with mysterious petroglyphs or many other interesting things.

How The Metaphysical Family Got Started

We have always had a love of knowledge. Since the beginning of our relationship we spent many date nights perusing the local resale book stores in search of new metaphysical titles to fill our book shelves. Over the years our collection has grown substantially, but so have our life commitments. We found it increasingly difficult to give our studies as much time and dedication as we would have liked to, but promised ourselves that “one day” we would.

In 2014 we welcomed our daughter, Hannah, into the world. That same year we started a hobby farm. We wanted to live closer to the land, and to take a bigger role in our food production. We had chickens and cows, and all of the things (and chores) that come along with them. We loved this life, but were busier than ever.

Around this same time Sam’s job began to require him to be in the office more than they had previously. His office was an hour away. This meant Sam was spending nearly two hours of each day on a commute.

We now had even more commitments and even less time for the things which truly mattered.

We took a step back and decided that we would need to move closer to his job. We sold the farm and found a couple of acres close to town. After a few months we had settled into our new rhythm, and we stayed in the rhythm for the next two years.

2020: A Child And A Pandemic

In early 2020 we were preparing to welcome our son into the world. We planned and purchased based on our experience with our oldest child, and we were quite sure that we were prepared. We even had family flying into town for the birth.

A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

The Bible – Proverbs 16:9

Adam came into the world a week before he was expected. He arrived happy and healthy, but his early arrival took us all by surprise. We had prepared for a “late” and large baby. We did not have any clothing or diapers that would fit him at his size.

Under normal circumstances we would have been able to run to the store to buy smaller clothes and diapers. Unfortunately, the very next morning after his birth, stores began closing due to Coronavirus hysteria.

It was the start of what would be one of the strangest years yet for all of us.

We watched as society became increasingly bizarre with each passing day. Sam’s company installed a new CEO who began implementing changes to policies. Policies which would have been completely inappropriate a year earlier were being forced upon its employees. When Sam brought concerns to management he was told in no uncertain terms that he was to get on board, or resign. After much contemplation and family discussion, Sam decided that it was time to leave his steady job.

We had made up our minds right then that we would no longer follow the flow of what we were “supposed to” do. Instead we would search for our true purpose in life. But what would that look like?

Self Employed

We discussed what we wanted out of life and identified a few goals that we wanted to work on in 2021. We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do, but had a few ideas based on how we had spent our “down time” in the past.

We had kept a garden for most of the years that we had been together. Through trial and (much) error we were even capable of growing a respectable amount of produce. It seemed a logical thing to do was to operate a booth at the local Farmer’s Market. During this time we offered vegetable produce, microgreens and a smattering of metaphysically inspired home decor items. During this time we also started a couple of websites and clothing brands which produce metaphysically inspired clothing.

There were many things to like about these new changes, but we still felt like we were being pulled in the “wrong” direction.

A Death In The Family

In May of 2021 our dog, Joji, died peacefully of old age. She was an amazing friend and companion to our family and we were all hit with the grief of her passing. Though we were saddened by her departure from this place, we believe that death is not the end but a transformation into something new.

Joji with baby Hannah

That evening, presented almost as a reminder that death is only a transformation, we were blessed with seeing the most incredible double rainbow at sunset.

Double rainbow (it is hard to see the second band) the evening of Joji’s passing.

While our family was reminiscing over our favorite memories of Joji, Sam and I recalled how we had once wanted to travel around the country in a RV with our dogs. As our family grew that plan evolved to include our children, and we wanted to travel as the whole family. Of course, we never did get around to doing that. It was always just a pretty little “one day” dream, and now “one day” would never come for Joji.

We humans are only here for a blink of an eye on the cosmic clock. We know that we shouldn’t waste any time, but here was an example of us doing just that. Wasting our time on jobs, projects, and hobbies that filled that time, but never fulfilled us.

Let’s Do Something Crazy

The next day Sam asked me if I wanted to do something crazy like get rid of all of our stuff, buy a RV, and travel the country. I am not sure how serious he was when he asked, but I said yes.

It didn’t make sense in the traditional way, but I was done with living life the way I am “supposed to”. It was time to take charge and make a change. It was time to start living a life that we actually wanted.

So what do we want?

We wanted to spend more quality time as a family We want to dedicate more of our life to our metaphysical education, practice and way of life. We believe that we incarnate here because we have lessons to learn before we can go to the next place – and to be sure, there are other worlds than this. What could be more important than preparing your soul for the next place?

RV Life

So here we are. Living full time in our RV. We are just embarking on this new life adventure which we hope will lead us closer to our lives’ purpose.

Too many of us shut our families up in little boxes and never really stray from our routines to experience the world. Some people may live their entire lives in a modern city with so much ground light that they never see the majesty of the night sky full of stars.

Photo courtesy NASA

And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.


We do this because we want our children to experience the full majesty of the created universe that surrounds us. We do this because there is so much wonder in the world that we want to share that wonder with them, and with all of you.

We live in an incredible time. Each person who has access to the internet can, for a just a few dollars, create a website and record their life’s story. This website is the record of ours.

We hope that you will follow along with us, and that we inspire you to make your way to your life’s purpose.