Forest River Fails, Denies Responsibility – Part Four

After Forest River declined to do anything about our RV’s condition we initiated a complaint the Better Business Bureau. We also opened a complaint with our State’s Attorney General’s office. While we haven’t yet heard from the AG’s office, our BBB complaint has received some attention. Is Forest River finally going to take responsibility for their product? Find out in this installment of Forest River Fails, Denies Responsibility.

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One Year Nomadaversary

In this post we look back at our first year traveling full time in our RV. We have had a lot of fun and made some incredible memories, but there have also been plenty of difficulties along the way. Read on to see why we are planning to move out of the RV as we celebrate our one year traveling anniversary.

RV Move Day Checklist - Move Day (excerpt)

RV Move Day Checklists Revisited

In a previous post we presented our RV Move Day Checklists. After moving our RV many times we have heavily modified and streamlined our checklists. Download our checklist and use it as it is, or modify them to suit your unique situation.

RV tires

“China Bomb” RV Tires

RV manufacturers often install the cheapest tires they can find on new RV builds. We had heard the horror stories of blowouts happening to factory installed RV tires. In this post we upgrade our RV tires and narrowly avoid a blowout!