Forest River Fails, Denies Responsibility – Part Four

After Forest River declined to do anything about our RV’s condition we initiated a complaint the Better Business Bureau. We also opened a complaint with our State’s Attorney General’s office. While we haven’t yet heard from the AG’s office, our BBB complaint has received some attention. Is Forest River finally going to take responsibility for their product? Find out in this installment of Forest River Fails, Denies Responsibility.

Better Business Bureau Complaint

We initiated our BBB complaint against Forest River in early April after Forest River’s refusal to discuss our issue. When we opened the complaint we were only seeking a repair of the damaged sidewall discussed in Part One. As you saw in Part Three, the situation had unfortunately progressed in the time that Forest River was giving us the runaround, and the RV is now coming apart at the seams.

The initial complaint was sent to Cheyenne Clark. Cheyenne suggested through the complaint that we contact Henry Sears. You remember Mr. Sears from Part Three.

Mr. Sears’ initial response to the complaint read as follows:

Henry Sears <>

This again?

Mr. Sears clearly hadn’t read the complaint. We sent this back along with another copy of the email and Lip Sheet 0104 from RV Masters, as well as a link to the Youtube video we shared in Part Three of the rear sidewall screws backing out.

Forest River Fails, Denies Responsibility (Yet Again)

We respectfully declined to participate in their offer to have the RV transported to Indiana for inspection for the reasons we stated in our response, but also because at no point has Forest River said anything other than “the bump stops did it”. Why would I send the RV to Indiana under these circumstances? So they can “inspect” the RV, stick to their position that “the bump stops did it”, and then hold the RV hostage until we pay for the “inspection”?

Forest River – A “Better” Recreational Vehicle

If a person clicks over to and scrolls down the page they will see this quote from Peter Liegl – Forest River’s CEO.

Image courtesy

I wonder how Mr. Liegl feels his company is doing with his vision. I wonder if our experience is what he meant by “building better recreational vehicles” and the idea that his products serve the needs, interests, budget and lifestyles of every family. Maybe there are families out there who buy an RV that want the body to fall apart after a year … but we doubt it.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Warren Buffett

The Quest for Customer Service Continues

Forest River continues to deny any responsibility, or offer any reasonable resolution. We can not be without the RV until our cabin is built, so we can not have it disappear to Indiana for an undisclosed time, and certainly not for an undisclosed purpose. We asked what they would be inspecting, but Mr. Sears ignored that question in what is apparently Forest River’s typical style.

We hope to reach a resolution soon, but are aware that this can go on for a long time yet. Perhaps that is Forest River’s plan — to prolong and belabor this process as long as they can in hopes that we will get frustrated and go away. If that’s the case Forest River has grossly underestimated our resolve in this matter.

Check back for the next installment. We aren’t done yet!

Until then we ask that you please share our story with everyone you know.

UPDATE: Part five is available now!

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