RV Move Day Checklist

Living full time in an RV means that on move days you have to relocate your house. RVs are designed to be moved, but the entire process has many steps. There are a lot of tasks that need to be performed before the RV can be moved, and be moved safely.

To that end, many RVers will have a travel day checklist, or checklists.

On our first trip we used checklists inspired by the folks at Changing Lanes, but because our rig is different than theirs, the checklists were quickly modified to better suit our rig and situation.

We keep our checklists in Microsoft’s “To-Do”, and then use the Android app on our phones with the lists shared between us.

RV Move Day Checklist

T24 – 24 (ish) Hours Before Move Day

  • Wash TRUCK (at least windshield and side mirrors)
  • Check Radios / charge if needed
  • Fuel Truck
  • Fill fresh tank – How far until our next hookup decides how much water to bring on
  • Sweep slide tops and inspect roof
  • Check Truck tire inflation and do visual inspection
  • Check RV tire inflation and do visual inspection
  • Inspect RV wheels and suspension
  • Torque Rig Wheels
  • Inspect hitch bolts and connectors, including hitch head retaining pins

T12 – Night Before Move Day

  • Dump / Flush Black Tank
  • Treat Black Tank (water + happy camper)
  • Dump grey tanks (AFTER showers, dishes, etc)
  • Treat Grey Tanks (5 gal water + 1 cup water softener + dawn)
  • Secure outside items. (rug, chairs, etc)
  • Plan route and fuel (plan for fuel, rest stops, etc)

T0 – Move Day Morning

  • RV Move Day (Hookup) Tue, December 7, 2021Bedroom secure (closet door latched, laundry door closed)
  • Bedroom windows closed
  • Strap Bedroom TV
  • Bedroom A/C and lights off
  • Bedroom slide in – Lift the mattress! (our mattress is longer than the OEM mattress)
  • Bathroom shower secure (everything off shelves, shower door locked open)
  • Bathroom secure (vent closed, counter items stowed, bathroom door latched closed)
  • Hall window blind up.
  • One-Control Items off (water pump, ALL Lights)
  • Water Heater Turned Off (inside AND outside)
  • Main A/C and lights off
  • Windows closed / blinds up
  • Living room secure (refrigerator doors shut and strapped, carpet stowed, chairs secured with padding, all drawers and cabinets closed)
  • Pantry door latched
  • Strap Living Room TV
  • Desks Secured (folded down)
  • Desk Chairs Secured (Strapped against back wall/desk)
  • Slides: one last check for obstacles inside and out
  • Slides: Retract with door, vent, or window open for air flow
  • Secure main entrance (stow steps, lock door, secure hand hold)
  • Stow Generator (if deployed)
  • Propane – shut off both valves
  • Secure Electrical and plumbing (water hose, power cord, sewer hose)

T0 – Hitch List

  • T-24, T-12, T-0 Checklists Complete
  • RIG – Slides and awnings IN
  • RIG – Stairs and hand rail STOWED.
  • RIG – Forward Bay Closed and Latched
  • RIG – Pin Lock Removed
  • RIG – Jacks / Stabilizers to TOW HEIGHT
  • TRUCK – Tailgate DOWN
  • TRUCK – Back ALMOST to pin-box
  • TRUCK – OPEN Hitch Latch
  • RIG – Adjust Kingpin height to proper hitch height of truck.
  • TRUCK – Back truck into Kingpin
  • TRUCK – Connect umbilical cord and breakaway cable.
  • RIG – Lower Rig with Front landing gear to pull test height (front jacks 1″ off the ground)
  • TRUCK – Tow/Haul Mode
  • TRUCK – Mirrors EXTENDED
  • TRUCK – PULL TEST (manually engage trailer brakes and try to pull away SLOWLY)
  • TRUCK – Check that trailer brakes are adjusted and trailer is recognized by truck’s towing system.
  • TRUCK – Set parking brake.
  • RIG – Retract ALL landing gear
  • RIG – Remove and stow wheel chocks and landing gear blocks.
  • RIG – Check and close all storage doors and lock.
  • TRUCK – Lights on / Rear Camera working
  • TRUCK – Validate TPMS reads all 6 tires and validate pressure / temperature
  • TRUCK / RIG – Verify all lights are operable (signals, brake, reverse)
  • TRUCK / RIG – Full Walkaround
  • TRUCK – Reset Trip Meter
  • GO!


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