Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground, Clinton, IN

We left the Legendary Mustang Sanctuary in Alhambra, Illinois and headed to Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground in Clinton, IN. This was our first stay in a Thousand Trails park.

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When we first arrived at Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground we checked-in at the guard house where we were given instructions on how to get to our assigned 50amp site. The drive to site 9 was fairly mild and the back-in spot was easily handled. We unhooked the truck and began our first full hook-up set-up. I auto-leveled the RV while Sam hooked up the water and electric. Shortly after we began we discover that the power wasn’t working at the pedestal. We were alerted by our Power Watchdog when it reported a voltage error. Sam retrieved the multi-meter and discovered that one of the voltage lines in the 50amp plug was not supplying any voltage.

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I called the office and the line went straight to voicemail so I headed off to the guard house. The office was also closed, but there was an after hours number provided. We were able to get a hold of a ranger who told us that he would come take a look at the issue. A few minutes later a couple of rangers arrived and determined that they would not be able to fix this issue today and that they would to move us to another site.

We had learned our first major lesson on the road: ALWAYS check the power first. We packed up everything we had set-up, hooked the truck back up, and followed the rangers us to the new site. It was a long drive with many hills and tight turns. A few places on either side of the road dropped into deep ravines or into, one of the many, lakes and ponds which were right next to the road. After a long drive through the campground we arrived at site 18. The site was a pull through, but had many large trees and one of those previously mentioned ravines to navigate around. e checked the power and were happy to find that it was good and provided 50amp service as expected.

Image courtesy of Thousand Tails


We did not get to spend any time enjoying the amenities or local attractions as this was just a one night stop, but It was a nice quite night and the campground was beautiful in the morning light. Based on our limited experience we would stay at Horseshoe Lakes Campground again.

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