Rosicrucianism in The United States

In this post we visit Beverly Hall Corporation in Quakertown, Pennsylvania for a taste of authentic Rosicrucianism in the United States.

The occult and secret societies are as old as human history. From the symbolism of ancient Egyptian temples down to the symbols on United States currency, occultism and secret societies have shaped every corner of our modern world.

There are many so-called secret societies operating in the Americas today. Secret is relative as these organizations are usually organized into legal corporations, and membership is generally open to all who apply. An incomplete list of famous “secret” organizations would include the Freemasons, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Builders of the Adytum, the Ordo Templi Orientis, and certainly not least, the Rosicrucians.

You may have heard of Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis or AMORC. But did you know that there is another older, more mysterious order of Rosicrucianism in the united States?

Beverly Hall Corporation

Last year we became aware of a Rosicrucian organization in Pennsylvania that claims a history as old as the united States. Tucked away in the quiet little town of Quakertown, Pennsylvania sits the campus of the Beverly Hall Corporation. Beverly Hall Corporation is the legal organization for the affairs and various philanthropic efforts the Fraternitas Rosæ Crucis and the Church of Illumination.

The Fraternitas Rosæ Crucis is a “secret” organization which has been operating in the United States since the time of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, both of which were members of the fraternity. You may notice a few more names from history on the large pyramid monument.

The campus is mostly open to visitors. Some buildings are not open to the public as they are private residences or office space. The open areas and memorial garden were open to the public when we visited in late summer, 2022.

The Church of Illumination

Also on the grounds is the Church of Illumination chapel.

We visited the Beverly Hall grounds on a Sunday so that we could attend their church service. We had viewed a couple of their online sermons to know what to expect. There were no hymns sung by the congregants, but it was an otherwise fairly standard church gathering. There was a sermon, prayers and a Rosicrucian version of the eucharist communion.

You can read more about the fundamental tenets of the Church of Illumination on their website. Topics include The Divine Law; The Soul’s Journey to Illumination; Jesus, the Christ; Gratitude; Healing and much more. Protestant Christians will find these topics addressed from a very different perspective than those more heavily influenced by Irenaeus of Lyon. Some might find it a refreshing change of pace.

Rosicrucianism in the united States

Beverly Hall consists of several other buildings on the campus. The Philosophical Publishing company is located on the grounds along with the Clymer Healing Center, a medical practice. The academy building houses the organization’s library. Two buildings devoted to housing provide accommodation for up to 28 people on pilgrimage to Beverly Hall.

The Fraternitas Rosæ Crucis offer spiritual training to those who seek it through their School of Soul Science and Æth Priesthood programs. These courses of training promise to help the aspirant reach their full potential as a completely realized human being. The training in these courses is the “secret” of this secret society; both courses are bound by strict oaths of secrecy. This secrecy includes whether or not a person is or is not a student.

Pay a visit to Beverly Hall for a glimpse of authentic Rosicrucianism in The United States. While you are there remember that people come to this place to study and reflect on the mysteries of life and the universe. Be quiet and courteous, and remain conscious of where you are.

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