Viking Horns V621K Install and Review

After the near miss with another driver on our way home from picking up our RV we decided to install a horn system that would better grab the attention of distracted drivers. In this post we install and review the Viking Horns V621K Dual Trumpet air horn kit.

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We joke that our truck as its own gravitational pull. We tell this joke because of the number of people who seem intent on driving into us while we go about our business.

Because this happened to us many more times than we would have liked in the first few months of owning the truck, we were already on the lookout for a horn upgrade. After the near miss while picking up our RV, we raised the priority of the purchase.

There are many, many air horn kits available online. With so many choices available, it can be hard to decide which one to purchase. We knew that we wanted multiple trumpets to get that “train horn” effect, but didn’t want to have to find a place to mount a six trumpet kit. We also didn’t really want to purchase an onboard air compressor to drive the horns. We wanted a loud horn, but not one that would cause hearing damage if someone were standing in front of the truck.

Eventually our criteria led us to find the Viking Horns V621K Dual Trumpet air horn kit.


Installation is not terribly difficult if you are mechanically inclined. Begin by removing the grill panel from the truck.

Remove the factory installed horns and bracket.

I made a bracket to hold the trumpets to the spot where the OEM horns had been. It began life as a t-post sign hanging bracket. After cutting it down it worked just fine.

Home-made horn bracket

The compressors are tucked under the brackets where the grill attaches.

I clipped the wiring connector from the factory horns to wire the Viking Horns V621K kit into the truck. As I did not intended to retain the factory horns, this allowed me to install the Viking Horns V621K kit without altering the truck side of the wiring harness.

The instructions indicate that the kit can run off the OEM horn fuse. After blowing the factory horn fuse a few times, I determined that this is not the case. I revisited the wiring and installed a weather packed relay.

Since installation of the relay I have not had any issues with blowing the horn fuse, even after using the horn in long blasts.

Viking V621K Air Horn Kit
Installation complete

Ok, but how do they sound?

The Viking Horns V621K Dual Trumpet air horn kit is just what this truck needed. Now we have no problem getting the attention of distracted drivers.

Put the phone down when you are driving. It’s just not worth the risk.

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”


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