Home Schooling in an RV

Home School

Living in an RV is sometimes like living in an efficiency apartment. There is not much space to waste, and features in the space often serve multiple functions. Our home-on-the-road needs a space for our children to do their school work.

We built a small folding desk in the kid’s room by using some folding shelf brackets and a wooden map that we had acquired while antiquing. We secured the brackets to wall studs with screws, and then screwed the wooden map to the brackets. When the desk is not in use it folds down neatly out of the way.

There are many different ways to home school on the road. Whether “unschooling”, “road schooling”, or even enrolling your child in a virtual K-12 school, it is important to give your children a quality education.

It is also important to know the laws regarding home schooling in your home “domicile” state. Different states have different requirements for curriculum as well as for record keeping. The Home School Legal Defense Association has many great resources to help guide you and answer any questions.

Offline Education Resources

If you are going to RV full time and home school your children, consider packing some offline study materials. Internet access is not always readily available when traveling which can make online school difficult. Even with multiple cellular internet providers, we find ourselves without fast internet fairly often. Old-school books along with pencil and paper fill these gaps.

Home Schooling in an RV
Offline Study Materials

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