Packing Fudge in Uranus, Missouri

Uranus Fudge Factory, Sideshow Museum, Mini-golf, General Store and more!

The Metaphysical Family recently visited Uranus, Missouri. Yes, you read that correctly — Uranus, Missouri.

Despite having had the opportunity in the past, we had never stopped at this highway attraction. We stopped during an outing to Lost Valley Lake Resort to learn what all the fuss is about.

The first tip we can offer to anyone considering visiting with an RV is this — the RV parking is NOT at the main parking lot. Continue past the buildings to the parking lot for tractor-trailers and RVs. This parking lot is south-west of the main attraction, and does not appear on Google maps at the time of this writing.

There are lots of things to see and do in Uranus after you have parked your vehicle. We happened to be there as Uranus was celebrating the opening of “Putt Pirates” mini-golf, which invites visitors to “sink your balls into our putt holes”.

Sink your balls when in Uranus

Inside the general store one finds all kinds of souvenirs and gifts. There are t-shirts, bumper stickers and Uranus brand moonshine. And then there is the famous Uranus fudge. If you purchase fudge you can honestly say that you have had your fudge packed in Uranus.

In spite of the theme, citizens of Uranus are a clean people

Uranus Missouri is a tourist attraction. They have a theme, which should be obvious if you have read this far.

The fudge _is_ quite good.

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